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Shortly about us

The most important potentials:

1. The availability of CNC machines, which use the latest mechanism of cutting marble by pressurized water technology (Jet Cutting made).

2. marble cutting machines by Diamond Disks and the ability to do all kinds of profiles and ornaments.

Target markets:

1. Local Market

2. Feeding the contracting companies (Dreamland company) and other companies contracting.

3. exporting some distinctive realization of eastern Asia and America and Europe.

Egy.Marble Latest projects Abroad:
  • Turkmenistan: Hotel du president
  • France: Egyptian limestone and beige marble tiles
  • Ireland; Benches, Egyptian beige marble tiles , tables & vases
  • Holland: fabricated blocks and tables
  • Saudi Arabia: Egyptian beige marble tiles and artistical works
  • United Kingdom: Egyptian beige marble tiles
  • AUE: Egyptian beige marble tiles

Latest photoshoots